蜂巢 is an outst而且ing space for students to study, to access resources 而且 to share experiences.


With over a quarter of a million books 而且 12 miles of archive collections, 蜂巢不是普通的图书馆. 2012年由女王陛下揭幕, 蜂巢 is Europe’s first fully integrated university 而且 public library. It has a busy events programme, with regular public lectures, exhibitions 而且 performances.

既是公共设施,也是大学设施, 蜂巢 is a new model of university 而且 community engagement, 而且 has achieved its vision to inspire the people of the region to read for enjoyment 而且 for education. 自从开业以来, book borrowing 而且 library visitor numbers have soared 而且 it has become a hub for education, 学习和研究, 文化, 以及业务支持.

In the most recent 全国学生调查 (2018), the 爱游戏app苹果下载 was ranked 15th in the Country for Learning Resources, with students praising the facilities 而且 access to services.

"From all the excellent new study facilities at the University I especially like 蜂巢 - a fantastic big library where you can find all the books that you need. 它非常现代和高科技."

Zhana Yovcheva,商业心理学硕士



By combining our resources with Worcestershire County Council, 爱游戏app苹果下载创造了一个壮观的设施. 蜂巢 is huge, giving you plenty of spaces to study, as well as relax 而且 even eat.

这座屡获殊荣的建筑令人惊叹, 有充足的自然光, 开放空间, 舒适的家具和鼓舞人心的建筑. There are over 250 fixed computers, along with access to printers, wi-fi 而且 laptop points.

The children’s library is one of the largest in the country. If you are working towards a teaching or early years qualification, it can help to bring your studies to life 而且 offers some exceptional work experience opportunities.

The building includes a studio theatre, exhibition spaces 而且 meeting rooms.

You can also access a huge range of council facilities, including the records office 而且 archaeology service plus all of the public library books 而且 other resources.


蜂巢’s dedicated history floor offers access to information on Worcestershire 而且 beyond dating back to the last Ice Age, 所有这些都被最新的技术赋予了生命. You can study thous而且s of records detailing archaeological sites, 伍斯特郡的古老遗迹和建筑.

This gives you the chance to undertake original research 而且 develop high level academic skills.


蜂巢 also gives you access to electronic information, 包括数据库, 电子期刊及电子书. You can access this material from any computer with an internet connection, making it easy to research from home or from one of the many study spaces on campus.


Our helpful library staff will help you navigate through our vast collection of information sources, 这样你就能成功定位, 访问和评估你需要的资源. Each subject area has a named liaison librarian who can help you with any queries or problems you come across.


蜂巢 includes its own café where you can take time out from your studies to get refreshed with a hot or cold drink 而且 a range of snacks.  


基于蜂巢, our award winning team support you with study advice, 学术研究和获取资源.